Desde el 01 de marzo hasta el 05 de octubre de 2022 a las 17:00h (horario peninsular)


Convocatoria del Consejo Europeo de Innovación (EIC) que apoyará a empresas (principalmente start-ups y pymes) innovadoras de alto impacto con potencial para crear nuevos mercados o modificar los existentes.

Específicamente, la convocatoria está abierta a innovaciones englobadas dentro del reto:

  • Technologies for Open Strategic Autonomy, abarcando las siguientes temáticas:
    • Components, technologies and systems for the pharmaceutical industry to ensure security of supply including through synthetic biology and novel manufacturing technologies.
    • Strategic healthcare technologies building on Europe’s research strengths in cell and gene therapies, including ribonucleic acid (RNA) based therapies to ensure EU leadership.
    • Sustainable and innovative approaches, including circular approaches to critical raw materials (CRM) for new sources of supply/extraction, processing, use, recovery or replacement aimed at improving efficiency use, so reducing EU dependency on external providers, and to build EU capacity at all stages of the raw materials value chains.
    • New applications of quantum technologies on the ground and in space building on Europe’s research strengths including the Quantum Flagship to put EU at the forefront of the second quantum revolution and leader in the deployment of such technologies as well as to support the EU Secure Connectivity initiative.
    • Edge computing applications including new business models to foster EU leading role in their development.
    • Innovative applications making use of data and signals from EU space infrastructures (Galileo, Copernicus, etc.) to ensure more prominent exploitation of newly available functionalities creating opportunities for breakthrough innovations across multiple downstream sectors.
    • Development of space technologies, including those needing in-orbit demonstration (IOD) / in-orbit validation (IOV) services, for space transportation, telecommunications, satellite navigation, earth and ocean observation, space surveillance and tracking as well as on-orbit services, in support of EU competitiveness and non-dependence.
    • Critical security technologies for secure communication, data security and protection of borders (while respecting fundamental human rights and freedoms such as the rights to privacy and data protection) to ensure safeguarding of EU and citizens’ interests.
    • Technologies for innovative financial and payment infrastructures and services supporting the development of pan-European payment solutions, as enabler for the digitalization of Europe’s economy.


Las solicitudes podrán ser realizadas por:

  • Una única compañía clasificada como PYME perteneciente a un país miembro o asociado de la Unión Europea. 
  • Una única compañía clasificada como "Small mid-cap(máximo 500 empleados) perteneciente a un país miembro o asociado de la Unión Europea. Estas organizaciones solo podrán solicitar financiación con fines de aplicación rápida (TRL 9) y para el componente de inversión. 
  • Una o más personas físicas o entidades que:
    • Pertenecientes o estados miembros o asociados de la UE que pretendan establecer una PYME o Small mid-cap en un país miembro o asociado de la EU. 
    • Tengan intención de invertir en una PYME o Small mid-cap de un estado miembro o asociado de la EU.
    • Pertenecientes a un tercer país no asociado que quieran establecer una PYME (incluidas start-ups), o reubicar una PYME existente, en un país miembro o asociado de la EU. 


Máximo 2.500.000€/proyecto